Meet FSNotes 5 for Mobile!


Transitions between controllers have become smoother and more native, this applies to both the main screen and the editor. Access to the settings has become easier.

To call up the action menu above the note, just hold your finger on the note (the sidebar must be closed).


If you accidentally erased part of the note, it doesn’t matter. Now at any time you can return to the state until you entered the editor and roll back the changes, and you can also create a new version of the file at any time.

Of course, we also store the history of images, and certainly in the “History” menu you can clean everything in one click.

Inserting and working with images

New ImagePicker!

Editor improvements

A diary

New features for keeping a diary - now you can change the creation date with two taps.

Just click the three dots above the editor and select “Created Date”


All sorts of useful little things

And also much more.